vantage points exhibition

This exhibition is currently traveling the Southeastern United States, and highlights the juxtaposition of two very different visual interpretations of a singular experience.

Both born and raised below the Mason-Dixon line, Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers and Jane Dorn are drawn to the unique culture of the rural South and embrace its idiosyncrasies and oddities. In fact, the more odd and “colorful” the better. For the past eight or so years, they have been roaming together—armed with camera gear, steel-toed boots, and mace—in search of roadside rarities, holes in chain link fences, cracked doors, and interesting imagery. The only criteria are no agenda, no highways, no map, and a willingness to run from the unexpected. The more remote and full of surprises, the better the odds of encountering true southern vernacular in the form of people, places, and things.

At left: Chattanooga TN (87x44 inches) 

Click here to download the Vantage Points prospectus.