Lost Ones

In my current body of work, Lost Ones, I'm exploring many ways to lose and to be lost. It began as a reaction to the sudden death of a good friend and surrogate brother. Giving a visual voice to invisible pain, making the work was not only a way to grieve, but also served as a means to honor my lost friend. 

Once I started working with this subject matter, however, I realized that there are many forms of loss aside from death – the loss of self, of relationships, of direction, of meaning... the list is long. I hope the work captures a range of feelings from nostalgia to uneasiness to a sense of absence – of something perceived, but existing just outside our grasp. 

The work has shifted recently and I find myself increasingly interested in suggesting a narrative rather than commenting on an existing one.

All images acrylic and graphite on paper

If interested in purchasing a work, please contact Jo Carol for pricing and availability.