Decisive Moments, wide

I have always loved photography and have wandered through life always framing moments in my mind's eye or, when lucky, recording them with a camera. My approach to photography embraces Henri Cartier-Bresson's notion of the "decisive moment" — that there is only one moment in which the image offers itself to you. Miss it and it's lost. The challenge (and joy) is to find it, or rather have it find me — to recognize and extract that instant with sensitivity and precision.

My images are not cropped or manipulated. I enjoy the fact that photography couples spontaneity and decisiveness. To paraphrase Cartier-Bresson: photography offers immediate gratification, whereas painting is a form of meditation.

As an artist, I need both immediacy and meditation, and am fueled by the dialogue between my painting and photographic work. 

As Cartier-Bresson remarked, capturing the "decisive moment" means putting one's head, and ones eye and one's heart on the same axis". Hopefully this body of work represents just that. 

All images limited edition archival pigment prints

If interested in purchasing a print, please contact Jo Carol for pricing and size availability.